Project Description

In addition to the site you are currently viewing, I have built a number of websites. Here are four samples.

Project Details

Reinvent Ministries

This responsive website provides a user-friendly experience to help support a training company located in Long Beach, California. For this site I developed the main navigation categories based on user testing. For example, one test was simply to give a user a simple instruction such as “Register for a training” and then watch to see what happens.

Kris Kile

This responsive website’s primary purpose is two fold: 1) Grow the client’s mailing list, and 2) Keep interested parties up to date on the client’s latest ventures.

Renaissance Works

This website started out as a purchased template, but I essentially overhauled the CSS code to create a whole new look and feel. In the near future, this website will undergo a major refresh to give it a more modern and user-friendly esthetic.

HoneyDo Cleaners

For this site I used the Enfold WordPress template to construct the site and host it on my GoDaddy account.

Jane Perry Coaching

This website was constructed using a purchased theme. Before building the site, I used Dreamweaver to modify the CSS code and reconstruct individual page templates to fit the needs of the client.