Technical Documentation

Project Description

During my tenure at Measured Progress, one of the ways I was able to combine my love for graphic design and my technology savvy was to create technical documentation of some of our products and processes. Here are four examples along with two others—one from Renaissance Works and another from Reinvent Ministries.


I created this booklet as a reference guide for the Measured Progress marketing department when we adopted Mavenlink for online project tracking and collaboration.


DATAWISE is an online assessment platform acquired by Measured Progress in 2010. This booklet is part marketing document and part product documentation. You’ll notice that some of the screenshots are much more defined than others. I recreated those screenshots using Adobe Illustrator CS5.5.


While at Measured Progress I was the guru of email marketing campaigns. I created this booklet to be a guide for creating, testing, and launching emails from within the SugarCRM. I also documented how to create web-to-lead forms, embed them into the Liferay CMS, and link them to the proper campaign in Sugar for tracking.

The Leadership Journey

After attending the Renaissance Works Coaching Academy in 2009, I offered to spruce up the coach’s manual by creating this cover.

If you’ve looked at the logo portfolio, you may be asking, “Why no Renaissance Works logo?” This piece predates the creation of that logo.


As part of the company-wide adoption of SharePoint for document collaboration at Measured Progress, it was suggested that I try using SharePoint to manage project workflows. The experiment failed and SharePoint’s a beast (I say with the utmost respect). However, in the process I learned a lot about SharePoint and created this booklet to train the department on how the system worked.

Reinvention in Action

The first Academy of Reinvention—a four-month course on learning to facilitate large-group trainings—was held in 2013 in Austin, Texas. As part of the Academy, the participants lead a two-day workshop called Reinvention in Action. My task was to take the content for Reinvention in Action and create a manual for the trainers-in-training. I was able to merge my background in teaching and graphic design to create a manual that would be an effective reference and teaching tool.