Project Description

Recently, Reinvent Ministries chose to change the name of one of their offerings from The Explore Reality Seminar to The Reinvent Training. Since The Reinvent Training is one in a series of trainings, they requested that I provide a family of logos that would:

  1. Appear distinct from the corporate logo.
  2. Reflect the core goals and processes used in each training.
  3. Contain visual cues that would tie the family of logos together.

The Reinvent Training is an inward journey, noticing what “conversations” are taking place inside a person that can get in the way of achieving goals and having satisfying relationships. This was the inspiration for the stylized inward-pointing arrows.

A second option was offered with a more fluid approach to the inward-pointing arrows and replacing the dot over the “i” with a flame to symbolize new hope and joy being kindled in the lives of the participants.