VetNetwork, Dover, NH

2016 to 2017

Directed and supervised the production staff (including designers, content writers, developers, and search engine optimization specialists) and managed all processes and scheduling to design, develop, and deploy custom websites and marketing collateral for veterinary hospitals across the country. Communicated directly with clients to gather needed content, determine design preferences and direction, and garner feedback and approvals for all client projects.

Selected Highlights:

  • Modernized project management systems by adopting an online project-tracking system allowing for real-time oversight, increased team communication and productivity, and easy schedule adjustment to accommodate client needs.
  • Created and designed icon-based, easy-to-read process guides to improve client understanding, manage expectations, and clarify communication.
  • Reduced employee turnover by 50% through adopting an empowerment management style and establishing a respectful work environment resulting in a 76% improvement of employee satisfaction.
  • Streamlined the gathering of client website content through building and implementing a series of online forms and direct communication with clients.
  • Directed and supported the production team in forging a new reputation for customer service and client satisfaction.
  • Developed infrastructure and initiated regular processes to collect client feedback in order to improve customer service.

Client Quotes:

“Paul was great to work with throughout the entire process!”
– Breawna Fritzler, Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort

“Fast turn around and good design.”
– Katie Corrigan, Millbrae Pet Hospital

Measured Progress, Dover, NH


Crafted innovative graphic design solutions to support all marketing efforts, including Website, online surveys, print materials, exhibit displays, photography, multimedia productions, and national Webinars for a not-for-profit provider of customizable assessment products and educational services. Provided cross-functional leadership for 100+ employees across 8 departments. Held colleagues/peers accountable for producing deliverables on time and within budget. Oversaw performance of Conference and Event Coordinator responsible for executing up to 72 conferences and events per year for three consecutive years.

Selected Highlights:

Tasked with spearheading initiative to rebrand company and structure new brand standards in an effort to create a consistent feel and look across the company while developing a central repository for brand rational, guidelines, and resources:

  • Prepared and submitted RFP to ten design agencies, generating four competitive bids; selected agency and negotiated project-based fee structure, saving company $100K+.
  • Personally contributed to creation of new logo design when selected agency struggled to provide a design concept the Executive Team could endorse; gathered feedback and created prototype designs with specific instructions from executives to assist agency in design process.
  • Planned and built an online guide that provided employees at multiple sites across the nation direct and immediate access to brand resources and guidelines.
  • Devised innovative surveys to gather feedback from stakeholders and provide data-driven reports to compare results by segments; reduced role of personal preference and opinion in the decision-making process, saving time and focusing on what worked as opposed to individual preferences.
  • Commissioned illustrations for exclusive use in company’s branded materials; created and submitted concepts to professional illustrator, who, in turn, utilized concepts to produce a dozen layered illustrations that could be used as complete pieces or individual elements.
  • Designed and delivered multimedia presentations to introduce 200 company employees to new brand standards; recognized by CEO for “hitting it out of the park.”
  • Pioneered and instituted concept of brand coaching to help employees better understand and build upon brand standards.

Contributed digital and print graphic design solutions to support marketing campaigns:

  • Refashioned corporate Website strategy and coordinated conversion from an informational storehouse to an active lead-generation tool.
  • Developed multi-media presentations for 12 separate nationally-broadcast Webinars, each reaching audiences consisting of over 1,000 education administrators; Education Week Magazine reported that the number of attendees exceeded the typical registration rate of 500 to 700 per event.
  • Aided in producing product videos; tasks included screen capture, special effects, re-creation of high-resolution images of screen captures, editing footage, managing vendor relationships, scripting, storyboarding, graphic design, animations, and video editing.
  • Created illustrations, schematics, digital re-creations, Web banners, Web ads, promotional giveaways, exhibit booth displays, online surveys, brochures, and fact sheets.

Implemented new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and efficiencies in advertising:

  • Put into place a system that uses advertising to drive visitors to Website and, subsequently, converts them to leads that are automatically added to CRM upon visitor filling out a Web-to-lead form; grew product-related Website visits from zero to 15,000+, with 41% of visitors completing Web-to-lead form (FY 2015).
  • Mapped a system to track and match sales opportunities to marketing leads, demonstrating a 97% correlation between sales opportunities and marketing campaigns.
  • Tracked and analyzed advertising results and provided managers with monthly reports, trend observations, and recommendations of strategies to increase reach while reducing cost-per-lead expenses to as little as $2.24 and maximizing impact of every dollar spent.
  • Researched, identified, and prioritized most cost effective advertising format and publications for the district education market; realized a first-ever data-driven shift in advertising strategy from general audiences of print publications toward narrowly-defined target audiences/messages within niche audiences of online publications, newsletters, and Webinars.
  • Collaborated with advertising vendors to construct an editorial calendar and discounted package deals for advertising campaigns, typically saving 30% over individual ad purchases; championed 95% early or on-time delivery rate for all creative material submitted.
  • Achieved efficiencies in creative production of advertisements by shifting toward quarterly messaging campaigns; produced and reviewed various deliverables together and submitted over time, which saved time, effort, and money.

Proposed, managed, tracked, and reported on $1.5M marketing budget (FY 2015):

  • Established a system capable of tracking all internal marketing expenses and reporting expenditures in real time; system reduced wait times for accurate budget reports from four to six weeks to only moments and provided immediate access of information on current and forecasted spending to management.
  • Introduced cost-saving strategies and re-prioritized spending to significantly slash overall expenditures.
  • Submitted detailed budget proposals and targets to director and executives for approval.
  • Requested by management to cap marketing budget spending to $1.2M (March 2015) and $1M (May 2015); successfully saved company an additional $259K by end of FY 2015.

Crafted technical documentation and reference materials used to educate internal clients:

  • Wrote, designed, and produced user guides providing step-by-step instructions for online project management software and CRM.
  • Created, launched, tracked, and reported on e-mail campaigns via corporate CRM.
  • Assembled and maintained a comprehensive online brand-standards guide as a company resource for brand rationale, standards, examples, and resource downloads.

Directed all aspects of e-mail marketing campaigns, including graphic design, setup, testing, approvals, deployment, tracking, and reporting:

  • Conceptualized utilization of CRM to build, deploy, and track e-mail campaigns to potential clients.
  • Implemented persuading e-mail marketing strategies to compel potential clients to visit landing pages containing Web-to-lead forms linked directly to corporate CRM.
  • Coached product managers on best practices for e-mail marketing and digital graphic design.
  • Troubleshot, diagnosed, and resolved technical issues associated with HTML coding and data configuration/management.

Oversaw complete processes for producing marketing collateral, including brochures, case studies, white papers, Website, exhibit materials, advertisements, promotional giveaways, and e-mail/print-mail campaigns:

  • Managed and improved processes to move promotional projects through Marketing Department in a timely and efficient manner within a creative, team-focused working environment.
  • Cultivated superior working relationships and clear, concise communications with vendors to ensure accurate and timely delivery of materials.


Rapidly advanced from Administrative Assistant to a position of increased responsibility and accountability within first year with company. Planned, organized, and managed project flow through Marketing Department. Consistently met work standards by adhering to production, productivity, quality, and customer service requirements; resolving operational issues; and identifying work process improvements. Monitored expenses to meet cost standards. Accepted ownership for accomplishing new and different requests. Tracked progress and quality of projects.

Selected Highlights:

  • Created and advanced new process for moving promotional project through Marketing Department to ensure timely delivery of quality results.
  • Facilitated execution of key events from planning, promotion, and registration to implementation and follow up.
  • Administered technical production of weekly internal newsletter to keep employees abreast of latest developments in the educational assessment market.
  • Contributed compelling copy for promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, e-mail, and Web pages.

Personal Projects

2009 to Present

Provide cutting-edge, creative electronic and print solutions to support growing companies. Manage all aspects of business and financial administration, marketing/advertising, customer service, and design work. Demonstrate superior creative and technical skills while adhering to client brand standards. Communicate with clients to gain a solid understanding of their needs, brainstorm ideas, and make recommendations based on knowledge/expertise.

Selected Highlights:

Renaissance Works:

Full-branding and Website management services.

  • Designed a series of video shorts, Web pages, and other graphics to support launch of Structured for Success, a “best seller among books for small businesses” on Amazon.
  • Guided implementation of Infusionsoft, a leading-edge customer relationship management (CRM) system/e-mail-marketing tool, and researched functionality/alignment with client’s business objectives; resulted in a 59% increase in leads over 18 months.
  • Backed integration of Infusionsoft Web-to-lead forms into company’s corporate Website, set up automatic tagging of customer records based on individual actions and purchases, and initiated automated e-mail remarketing campaigns to foster/maintain client engagement, all of which automated process and saved company valuable time.
  • Wrote and provided process documentation as a valuable guide to aid client in successfully setting up future campaigns.

Reinvent Ministries:

Ongoing Website design services consisting of instructional training manuals, logo creation, document branding, and process documentation.

  • Devised, implemented, and maintained a user-friendly online registration process that is fully integrated with e-mail marketing and e-commerce tools, resulting in multiple efficiencies that saved time, money, and paper.
  • Applied responsive-design techniques to construct e-mails, resulting in improvements to customer experience and interaction on mobile devices.
  • Developed responsive-design Website to enhance communication, increase conversion rates, and boost user experience.

Provision of editable, branded documents to support training courses.

  • Utilized Constant Contact to craft branded e-mail templates from scanned images.
  • Applied OCR technology to eliminate re-entry of content, saving company time and costs.

Other Employment

GROEN BUILDERS, Rochester, NH, 2004–2005

Performed detailed finish work in the construction of residential homes.




Created design solutions that had a visual impact on target audience. Applied up-to-date knowledge of industry software in design creations. Brainstormed and directed promotional campaigns to enhance name recognition and shift public perception of non-profit organizations.




  • Provided graphic design and layout services for program manuals.
  • Organized and managed the team that developed, designed, wrote, and published instructional program manuals for use across North America.
  • Directed multiple training conferences: planned, organized, set budgets, maintained accounts, selected themes, secured facilities, recruited speakers, developed publicity, designed brochures, prepared multi-media presentations, and processed feedback.




  • Prepared, delivered, and assessed the effectiveness of lessons in life science, earth science, and physical science to junior-high and senior-high students.




  • Scheduled and managed the day-to-day program operations, oversaw coordination between programs, trained, assigned, and scheduled staff.
  • Supplied the vision and leadership necessary to establish parameters for analyzing, evaluating, and redesigning a leadership-training program for new recruits. Program objectives were simplified and a new training system using experiential education techniques was adopted.